Our Commitment

  • Health Tree Pharmacy provides customers with the best care and service possible. We fill prescriptions and do prescription refills.We specialize in compounding Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in order to help patients with hormonal imbalance and drug sensitivity.
  • We also provide personalized care by speaking with patients on how to establish healthy lifestyles and how to use prescribed medication effectively (Medication Therapy Management).
  • Furthermore, our pharmacists are trained in pharmacogenetics, the practice of analyzing genetics to give medication advice that is specific to individual patient.
  • Besides conventional medication, we offer a wide variety of health products from supplements to organic spices.

Our Mission

  • Established in 2018, Health Tree Pharmacy is a family owned pharmacy that offers a wide variety of goods and services from herbal supplements to pharmacy consultations.
  • Our founders, Cuong Nguyen and Tammy Duong, founded Norwalk Pharmacy for the sole purpose of educating the populace on how important it is to take care of themselves through their diet, nutrition, and medication.
  • We are extremely vigilant with providing the best customer service and patient care as possible in order to fulfill our mission. Health Tree Pharmacy supports the city of La Habra and its surrounding communities by promoting healthy living.
  • We hope to see healthy, thriving communities through the actions of healthy people. Therefore, our mission is to educate people on how to use medication effectively, advocate for the adoption of healthy lifestyles, and inspire those who are healthy to join our advocacy for wellness.

Meet Our Staff


Tammy Duong, Pharmacist

Natural Supplements and Compound Medications Specialist.


Kevin Nguyen, Pharmacist

Pharmacist taking care of your prescription medications.

Matthew Nguyen

Lead Coordinator